Thanh Quoc Fishsauce

We all know fish sauce is the backbone spice, indispensable on the rice tray of all Vietnamese families. It is the spice that unites family members, families with the community. And has become a separate cultural identity, unmistakable with any other culture in the world. It means that wherever you are, you will always notice a cup of fish sauce in the tray of rice, that is the culture of the Vietnamese family.

Understanding that, Thanh Quoc has inherited and continued the family tradition from his father’s generation. After nearly 30 years, sticking to the traditional fish sauce making profession. In 1993, Thanh Quoc fish sauce production facility, the predecessor of Thanh Quoc Fish Sauce Production and Trading Company Limited, was established.

With enthusiasm and love for the profession, Ms. Nguyen Thi Tinh – Thanh Quoc business owner was honored to be elected as “Chairman of Phu Quoc Fish Sauce Association” in Kien Giang province, for 3 terms (from 2000 to 2015). With the responsibility of shouldering the responsibility of preserving and developing the traditional value of Phu Quoc fish sauce.

In 2013, Ms. Nguyen Thi Tinh pioneered to prove the value of Phu Quoc fish sauce successfully by certifying the export name “Phu Quoc” for Vietnamese fish sauce products protected by the European Union (EU). It is also the origin of Phu Quoc geographical indication fish sauce.

Over the past 50 years, our Thanh Quoc fish sauce brand is proud and honored to be a pioneer in preserving and promoting “Elite Values” from the “Traditional Values” of fish sauce only. Phu Quoc geographical guide, with a history of more than 200 years.

“Elite value” comes from “Traditional value”, which is expressed through the following 3 core elements:

  • The value of the raw material area lies in ensuring the origin of the only two ingredients, Phu Quoc anchovies and Ba Ria – Vung Tau sea salt.
  • Processing value with characteristics is stored in “wooden crates” throughout most of the production process. It is that feature that creates the profound value as well as the origin of the name “Phu Quoc barrel fish sauce”.
  • The geographical value is highlighted because the product is processed, extracted and bottled right in the Phu Quoc raw material area. Since then, the name “Phu Quoc geographical indication fish sauce” was born to protect the finished product of Phu Quoc fish sauce.

Brand positioning in the market of Thanh Quoc fish sauce is always oriented towards the core values ​​of the company’s products, which are the quintessence of fish sauce tradition and Phu Quoc island specialties. The logo is stylized from the image of an anchovy and ocean waves blended in a circular layout. According to the Asian concept, the circle symbolizes fullness, balance and prosperous development. The logo colors are mixed from the typical colors of the sea and heaven and earth, on the typical red background of premium fish sauce.

Thanh Quoc always tries to constantly reach out to the big sea, positioning the traditional Phu Quoc fish sauce brand on the world culinary map. To fulfill that mission, it is the love and support of our customers, which is the driving force for us – Thanh Quoc fish sauce to constantly strive harder every day. We are committed to always maintaining our position, leading in quality that has been confirmed for more than 3 generations.

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