The story of Palmania

Palmania was founded in 2017 by three female entrepreneurs, Ms. Diu, Ms. Hoai and Ms. Ngoc, who, like so many Vietnamese women, were born and raised in one of the beautiful villages of rural Vietnam. Like their fellow villagers they also had to endure and the poverty and hardship when they grew up. When they grow up, they move to the big city in Vietnam to study, with a dream to one day return to their small villages to earn a living and contribute to the growth and prosperity of those villages, especially the farmers who live there.

In order to preserve the beautiful trees of the Buy Nui villages and restore the wonderful traditional artisanal recipes of Palmyra nectar from Bay Nui, the women founders of Palmania have worked with farmers in Bay Nui to continue the ancient tradition of making this beautifully flavoring palmyra nectar. The artisanal making process begins with the manual collection of the fresh juices from the blossoms of the wild-grown Palmyra trees. These fresh juices are then manually boiled according to an old receipt to reach the concentration necessary for syrup, crystal or powder grinding.