The story of Palmania

Palmania was founded in 2017 by three female entrepreneurs, Ms. Diu, Ms. Hoai and Ms. Ngoc, who, like so many Vietnamese women, were born and raised in one of the beautiful villages of rural Vietnam.

Palmyra is simply a perfect sugar substitute

Traditionally, suger comes from sugarcanes or sugar beets, this is the ‘table’ sugar we all know. However there is an alternative which is seen as healthier.

Palmyra sugar or palm sugar is sugar made from the palm tree. The main difference between palm sugar and cane sugar is that palm sugar has a lower glycemic index and is considered to be healthier than cane sugar.

Palm sugar is the sweetener made by reducing the sap of palms, while cane sugar is the sweetener made by reducing sugar from cane juice. Palm sugar is often recommended as a natural alternative to sugar. This is because it has several health benefits when compared to sugar.

Palmania is a company which has revived the traditional craft of extracting sugar out of the palm tree’s in the An Giang province. Palmania’s journey to bring Palmyra sugar from a small rural town in Vietnam to the world with respect to social entrepreneurship. So the sugar will taste even sweeter knowing it’s made responsible.

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